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Traumatic Hair Loss

Trauma is one of the leading causes of hair loss in men and in women. We typically think of trauma such as burns or large scalp injuries that cause a patient to lose one or more significant areas of hair.

Additionally, trauma may involve prior hair restoration procedures where a strip of skin was removed from the scalp to harvest follicles for implantation elsewhere. These "strip " techniques often leave scars that are wide, painful, and bear no hair. Hence the patient cannot wear his or her hair short in these areas because unsightly scars will be very visible. NeoGraft™ frequently is utilized to correct these problem areas.

Common Causes of Traumatic Hair Loss:

  • Stress
  • Car Accident
  • Surgery
  • Major Bodily Injury
  • Severe Shock
  • Severe Illness (even the flu)
  • Medication

Female patients can experience hair loss from the trauma of repeated chemical treatments and very tightly braided hair. Stress traction injury may occur from tight rollers and braiding as well as overheating the hair shafts. The first step in these patients is to discontinue the styling methods causing the injury. After a period of time some of the areas involved may regrow hair. For areas of permanent damage NeoGraft™ may be utilized as well.


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