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NeoGraft® Hair Restoration

neograft hair restorationThere's no doubt that hair loss or extreme thinning can make you very self-conscious, but it doesn't mean that you have to hide under bad hairstyles or hats. Thanks to a new procedure called NeoGraft®, a full head of hair could be yours before you know it.

NeoGraft® Hair Restoration promises the same type of results you probably never dreamed of before.

As the first minimally invasive, FDA-approved hair treatment process, the NeoGraft® hair restoration procedure requires no scalpel incision, no sutures, and no scars.

With this technology and Dr. Simon's Board Certified expertise, large areas of your hairline can be restored in a single session at Vegas Valley Hair Restoration. Furthermore, with NeoGraft®, your recovery will be faster, and the process will be less disruptive to your routine as a whole.

To experience the results that our patients have come to expect, contact Vegas Valley Hair Restoration today and begin your journey to restore your hairline to its prior thicker lustrous appearance.


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